The legal predecessor of T-TUDOK Inc. is TÁRKI-TUDOK Centre for Knowledge Management and Educational Research Inc. was established in the end of 2007 by TÁRKI, a private research institute for applied social science and Judit Lannert the ex-head of the Research Centre of the National Institute for Public Education. Under the name of T-TUDOK Inc. the company continued the identical activity area with the same mission from the 5th of November 2012 as a member of Netvestor Group.


The aim of the Centre is to help decision makers, experts and people interested in education to understand better the developments and tendencies going on in the field of education. In order to reach this goal the Centre strives for giving wide publicity for results produced by home and foreign research groups.

The Centre would like to help educational practice by finding and distributing good practices in order to enhance effectiveness of teaching and learning, That is why the Centre’s activity involves evaluation of development programmes and impact analysis of policy interventions.

Main activities

The main activity of the Centre is educational research and knowledge management. Main areas of research are: educational policy, progress of pupils in the system, school effectiveness, equity issues, transition from school to work, school financing and management. Great emphasize is put on the use of appropriate scientific methods, the balanced use of qualitative and qantitative tools.


  • Reports and analysis of public policy
  • Comparative studies


  • Institutional research
  • Development of indicators
  • Finding best practices, case studies
  • Evaluation of programmes
  • Impact analysis of interventions
  • Content development for websites dealing with education
  • Managing Hungarian and international workshops and conference
  • Managing homepage
  • Strategic counselling and expertise for clients from government, municipality and business.
  1035 Budapest, Vihar utca 18. telefon: (+36 1) 887 4851,